This is one of a set of hypotheses we are considering involving a disruption in the blood brain barrier. See also BBB & Bacteria and BBB & Thyroid.


One of the ideas discussed as background to the other BBB hypotheses is that hypertension and/or changes related to the pregnancy may have triggered a disruption in the blood brain barrier, and that increased permeability is facilitating a seizure trigger. The hypotheses we are currently exploring involve bacteria and thyroxine as potential seizure triggers. There are a number of other triggers that could also be facilitated by a change in the permeability of the BBB.

Follow Up:

We are currently in the very early stages of researching other potential seizure triggers that would fall into this category. We are particularly interested in triggers with a bioperiodicity that would match the observed timing of the seizure clusters.


We will be posting our questions in this area within the week, as we finish our initial review of the literature.

Action Plan:

No specific procedures or actions have been planned at this time, other than those outlined on the other BBB pages. See the BBB & Thyroid page for our consideration of statins as a treatment for reducing BBB permeability.

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