This hypothesis is tentative, and needs further research to determine if it is plausible.


[This question was asked by a Dr. Chandler Marrs, contributing through the Facebook page.]

Dr. Marrs posted suggesting we consider progesterone or other hormone receptor mutation. She provided contact information for a Richard P. Lifton, MD, PhD, noting that Dr. Lifton is Sterling Professor of Genetics and Professor of Medicine (Nephrology); Chair, Department of Genetics; Investigator, Howard Hughes Medical Institute at the Yale School of Medicine.

Her reason for suggestions we contact Dr. Lifton is that he does genetic research associated w/ pre-eclampsia.

Dr. Marrs further notes that a similar mutation in CNS hormone receptors could cause seizures, theoretically, maybe not gain of function. She suggests we contact Dr. Lifton to schedule a genetic workup.

Follow Up:

At this time we are unclear on the mechanism for a hormone receptor mutation triggering seizure clusters. We are intrigued by the potential for hormonal involvement (given the timing/periodicity of the seizures).

We sent a FB message to Dr. Marrs asking that she provide additional context for this line of thinking. At this time we have not heard back from her.


What role does a mutation in a hormone receptor play in triggering seizures?

Which hormone receptor?

Action Plan:

We are particularly interested in suggestions for this hypothesis, particularly relating to directions for background research to provide context for further action.

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