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As a suggested starting point for exploring the wiki, see the Medical History for a complete overview of the case. The working pages for each of our active hypotheses can be accessed using the navigation bar on the right. All of the patient's medical records are online. You can review:

InnoCentive Solvers:

Welcome to our new Brainstorm Challenge: Mom's Medical Mystery, The Sequel. It's time to crunch some data!

As noted above, the labs and reports are available on this wiki. We also have added a new dataset - the materials from our first InnoCentive Challenge.

Our summaries of your suggestions and hypotheses are are on our InnoCentive updates page. The full text of our previous Brainstorm Challenge responses can be downloaded here:

Backup of Sequel Challenge files: 10300000027 - Moms Medical Mystery The Brainstorm Challenge Sequel.zip

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