This is a relatively new addition to our hypotheses set, focused on any infectious diseases that could potentially explain these symptoms.


The nuclear radiologist who read the FDG PET scan describes an adrenal lesion, 2.2 cm with an SUVmax of 4.6 (not very metabolic for pheochromocytoma, which has since been ruled out), and also noted that the lesion may be partially necrotic.

The patient's GP wants to next investigate the infectious diseases route. One thought that occurred to the GP is that the slightly necrotic adrenal mass could be the remnants of an infection. She did say that we'd likely be finding signs of the infection in other ways which we've not really seen.

The patient has traveled extensively, and could have been exposed to an infectious disease in her prior travels.

Follow Up:

This is a new hypothesis. We are currently very focused on obtaining new ideas an input, particularly pertaining to the questions below.


What infectious diseases could cause a similar array of symptoms?
What diseases have cycles that could potentailly explain the 6-7 week seizure cycles?

Action Plan:

The GP is going to conduct some more blood tests and also provide a referral to an infectious diseases specialist at UCSF.

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