Welcome, my name is Simon. It's my wife's birthday today. This year I'm giving her a different kind of birthday present—this Facebook page. To me, it's rather odd to give a Facebook page to someone—but this year I'm aiming high with my choice of gifts. You see, my wife, beautiful mother of three young children, is a medical puzzle. Her case has stumped her smart doctors at Stanford for two years now. Her health has gotten suddenly dangerous again and her bus-load of specialists can't come up with an actual diagnosis. Rather than wait around for some unfortunate patient demise, I'm taking matters into my own hands. I intend to crowdsource a medical diagnosis for my beautiful wife. You may not know me but I'm an award-winning father, by my own admission. Help me become an award-winning husband—and grant my wife one wish—the wish of a diagnosis. Now let's get busy, our new friend.

  1. Read our medical writeup. If you know someone else who has similar symptoms, on our wall or send us a private message.
  2. Stump one of your know-it-all friends. Send this "genius" our Facebook page and demand that he or she demonstrate their genius-ness (or else). (They'll need it on this one.)
  3. Help us celebrate a beautiful person. YY could use some good wishes. Post them on our timeline!

We've got some goodies for your viewing pleasure:

My hope here is that the online We comes together and, for a fleeting moment, unleashes its power right here.

We wish you well.


P.S. Get busy.

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